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Planning for a trip in advance is now a good chance to grab discount.  Hiking Nepal offer a Discount up to 10% on published cost for the traveler who plan to trip at least five month prior to travel dates. Now, it is wise to plan trip in advance and enjoy the trip.

For Discount, you need to confirm your trip with advance deposit as per company rules (i.e. 20% of trip cost). After confirmation of trip, in case of any change in dates or customization in trip itinerary, is flexible to amend even after confirmation of trip. No additional cost will be charges on amendment of dates, but it is suggested to inform at least 1 month before trip.

If you are travelling in a group, it is best to look for discounts. Hiking Nepal is happy to offer a discount for the group travelers. Group with minimum 2 participants could grab the opportunity and get the discounted trip cost to make your trip interesting.
The discount is offered as:
For 2 Participants Group: 5% discounts on trip cost published in our website
3-5 Participants Group: 7% discounts on trip cost published in our website
6 and above Participants group: 10% discounts on trip cost published in our website

2 trip at once includes Tour + Trekking; different route trekking at single time; Tour+ Tour (Bhutan, Tibet, India, Nepal) and extension of trip to other activities like Bunjee, rafting, wildlife safari and so on. If you wish to do more than a trip, you can also get a discounts.

For Book 2 trip, we offer a discount of up to 10% of the trip cost. Please suggest your plan in advance and make a trip with Hiking Nepal with discount on booking two trip at same time.

Hiking Nepal always welcome traveler to trip in Nepal. If you wish to trip instant, then also, we are ready to organize a trip. Suggest your plan and make best possible trip with us even to your near date.

Here are some of our last minutes group departures for trekking and climbing, if feasible, you are welcome to join any of the mentioned trip. We always create a space to make your trip a wonderful journey.

Creating a travel video of your experience is one of the memorable part of trip. If you plan to create a travel video and wish to promote the place and Hiking Nepal, we always appreciate your thoughts. If you suggest your plan of creating any videos related to your travel with us, we would like to offer a 10% discounts on our trip cost. Make your travel videos and share to your friend, we, Hiking Nepal will help you to make it wonderful.

At the end of trip, you need to handover a copy of your video for us and we, Hiking Nepal also have right to use the videos for the promotion in websites.

Students groups and Travel and tourism related industries can also grab the discounts from Hiking Nepal. We always appreciate students groups and tourism industries for travelling and promoting Nepal. If you are such group, write mail to us and we shall offer certain discounts on cost published in our website.

Usually, students have to travel on budget to full their travel interest, hence, certain discount on trip cost will make their trip even better. Considering such case, depending on group size, Hiking Nepal offer a discount up to 10% to even more.

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